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Project management

Spanning the project from cradle to cradle

We are ready to help you with your project management all the way from the grant preparation until your project has been completed and you are ready to continue with your next project.

We offer assistance with all the project management tasks of a research project.
Our support will be customised to the needs of the individual project.
The project management tasks can be financed during the project's period


Project management tasks may include:

Project and finance management

  • grant preparation
  • financial reporting
  • scientific reporting (collecting, proofreading and submitting)
  • writing management reports
  • preparing for project reviews and audits
  • contract amendments

General administrative tasks

  • support, guidance and feedback to scientific coordinator
  • day-to-day communication within the consortium and with the grant provider
  • planning meetings (agenda, minutes, etc.)
  • dissemination activities (managing the project website)
  • organising conferences, workshops and similar events

Aligning the project with AAU procedures

  • internal setup for administrative procedures
  • making sure that internal AAU regulations and procedures are kept and aligned during the project
  • closing the project after end of the project period