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The fundraising team offers strategic and proactive research policy support services at the pre-call level and qualified support in the proposal writing phase.

Key points of our national and European policy engagement include:

  • Coordinating strategic initiatives to further Aalborg University (AAU) positions for fundraising together with the AAU management and the AAU research community
  • Support in coordinating and writing policy and position papers
  • Targeting information about future research programmes and funds
  • Support in coordinating and prepar­ing research policy consultations
  • Promotion of AAU research expertise and outcomes to enable evidence-based policy formulation and implementation

Key points of our support regarding the proposal writing phase include:

  • Discussion of the project idea and identification of relevant sources of funding, including access to profes­sional funding databases
  • Providing general information about Danish, European and other interna­tional research programmes (fund­ing newsletter, specific annual fund­ing options, biannual problem-based training programme etc.)
  • Strategy development for getting your idea funded
  • Putting you in touch with relevant stakeholders in order to promote your idea for adoption in relevant funding programmes (please see the science diplomacy folder)
  • Assistance in coordinating interac­tions with the consortium
  • Proofreading, strengthening of the structure and clarity of the applica­tion
  • Preparation of the project budget, en­suring a reasonable match between project description and budget and its overall correlation to the call and the internal AAU guidelines
  • Assistance to the researcher in ob­taining the required documentation, letters of support, mandate and nec­essary signatures etc.
  • Bibliometrics

Start the application work well in advance


Bringing in funding benefits your career and can finance the research you are passionate about. There is a great deal of competition for funding. The success rate at the Danish Research Councils and the most prestigious private foundations is as low as 5-15%. In the European Union (EU) Horizon 2020 (H2020) program, the success rates vary considerably in the range of 5-50%, but overall success rates are slightly higher than the Danish rates.

There are many factors that come into play, but it is essential to start well in advance so that you have enough time to engage in dialogue with partners and get the feedback you need for working with colleagues and fundraisers. We recommend the following time frames for the actual application work:

Danish public foundations                2-3 months
High-profile private foundations      2-3 months
Other private foundations                 1-2 months
H2020 coordinator                             ½-1 year

H2020 partner                                     3-6 months, if you have a larger role in the project

Get timely help from F&P for your application

In F&P we have a group of experienced fundraisers who will help you make sure that your application meets the formal requirements. In order for us to provide the best and most qualified help, we ask that you involve us in the application work right from the start. If you come to us very late in relation to the deadline, we may feel that we cannot provide you with sufficient, qualified help. In that case, we may recommend that you wait to apply for a later deadline if we are to help you. Hurried application work can easily lead to poor applications that will weaken both your reputation as well as that of AAU.

For support for application work, contact a fundraiser or send an email to funding@adm.aau.dk


Some researchers are in dialogue with foundations – often in conjunction with F&P – about how their subject areas can be reflected in research programs. This can be done, for example, through the European Commission's advisory committees and networks, on boards, industry-oriented platforms or program committees at foundations, and often by preparing position papers for foundations. It's a long road to success, but makes sense in the end. In order to achieve the desired impact, it is essential that you are a leading expert on the subject area. We recommend that you start the dialogue well in advance and with respect to the expected call no later than:

Danish foundations                                                             1½-2 years
H2020                                                                                  2-3 years

Contact the Fundraising team if you want feedback on and support for your lobbying efforts.



Learn more about our policy and strategy support to the AAU research community

Network for Research Supporters

We organize meetings for administrative staff at AAU in order to adress issues related to fundraising as well as administrating research projects.

Join the network and meet fellow colleagues with the purpose of exchanging experience and adressing research support issues.

Please contact us for more information about the AAU Network for Research Supporters.