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bibliometrical analysis

A bibliometrical analysis can reveal the strengths of a researcher, a research group or an entire department compared to competing applicants for grants of any kind. Highlighting works with great impact out of often many possible publications makes it easier to assess the applicant’s chances in relation to the grant provider’s requirements in terms of perspective and guarantee for significant new results.


Depending on the research area, the emphasis can be on publication and citation patterns; collaboration charted through co-writer affiliations; ability to earn Bibliometric Research Indicator (BFI) points or publication in the most prestigious journals, conference series and - as books - at the finest publishers.
We can provide detailed and fully updated publication lists merged with quality measures in any desired format, e.g. text ready to insert in applications or as spreadsheets/database with every conceivable option for sorting and detailed data extraction.

Target group

All Aalborg University researchers, heads of department, and others with interest in isolated analyses or series of analyses of potential quality measures within publication of research results.