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Download the Fundraising & Project Management brochure or read more about the Fundraising & Project Management Office and the assistance we provide in all phases of a research project. Here you can also read about additional services that you might not be aware that we offer…


The Fundraising and Project Management Office (F&P) provides support to Aalborg University (AAU) researchers at all levels to target external funding for research and innovation activities at AAU.

The services of F&P have evolved over the years offering a "cradle-to-cradle" approach where the team is able to offer strategic and proactive research policy support at the pre-call level, qualified support in the proposal writing phase, and professional project management once the researcher is awarded with a grant.

EU-DK Support is a shared entry point to EU support in Denmark. It is supported by a strong network of EU advisers across topics, regions and EU programmes. Here you will find links to e.g. events, partner search and information about European funding opportunities.